Butterfly Wings

Last weekend we drove 11 hours across Uganda to visit a community hospital in the South West of the country in a place called Bwindi. On the way there we drove along a rutted dirt road through Queen Elizabeth Nature Reserve. We saw all sorts of amazing animals along the way including an Elephant, which was really cool, but my favourite sight was huge clouds of butterflies. The butterflies were gathered in their thousands along the sides of one particular stretch of this road. I think they were there to drink from the puddles in the pot holes. When the cars and trucks passed they would all take to the air at once creating massive swarms of colourful living¬†confetti. It was quite a sight, but one that we just couldn’t capture on camera. I tried filming as the car went along, taking pictures and even stopping and getting out, but the effect just doesn’t translate on film. They just look like so may bits of dirt, or falling leaves, so I was pleased when I got this picture by accident. Not of thousands of butterflies, but of one, in just the right place to give Clea her angels wings.

Clea's Wings

That's how she gets those great aerial shots.

    • Berecca le Schmecker
    • March 8th, 2010

    Keep the updates up they’re great. If I was doing a similar blog, it would go… we didn’t drive very far because there’s still no engine in our camper. I did’t take a picture ecause I don’t wish to remember this experience. End of.

    • Olivia Wolff
    • March 25th, 2010

    Very cool pic. I like it how you co-ordinated your top with the flutterbies…or did they co-ordinate with you?

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